IS&T is replacing our current Pulse VPN solution with F5 ‘BIG-IP’ Secured VPN. With F5 VPN, users will experience faster and more reliable connectivity. Also, F5 VPN will enhance security by requiring Chapman’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) when using VPN to access your remote desktop, Panther Analytics, or network shared drives (R Drive, J Drive, etc.). As a quick reminder, VPN is no longer required for PeopleSoft Finance or email access, as these services already sit behind 2FA.  2FA will require users to approve their sign-in using the Authenticator app, 6-digit code via text message, or 2FA token when accessing F5 VPN for the first time, just like you have done with email and other services. We encourage all staff, faculty and students with VPN access to move to the F5 VPN as soon as is convenient for you.  Please note that the Pulse VPN will be retired in early Spring, so we are encouraging all users to be up and running on the F5 by mid-January. More details to follow.

For more information about F5 VPN, please visit our F5 VPN resource site. If you do not have VPN access, please have your supervisor submit a request for access on your behalf, to

If you would like to schedule time with one of our technicians to assist you with setting up your F5 VPN, please click the button below.

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