In the last few years, Chapman University’s Information Systems and Technology Team (IS&T) has deployed help buttons in classrooms to allow instructors to request technology help. Although these buttons have been helpful, we have discovered that from time to time, the buttons are slow to respond and may require multiple presses to initiate the help request. More importantly, they do not offer feedback to inform our instructors that help is on the way.

To address these challenges, we have been piloting a program to replace the help buttons with phones to create a better help request experience by streamlining the process and providing an instant response. Those instructors who have been requesting classroom technology help in the pilot classrooms have told us they prefer the phone experience. Also, the IT Faculty Advisory Board has been reviewing this process with positive feedback.

As a result, IS&T has deployed phones in every classroom on the Orange and Irvine campuses. Going forward, if you need classroom technology help, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Dial 6666 on the classroom phone. 
  2. After 6666 is dialed, you will hear this message: “Your request for classroom support has been received, and someone should be returning your call shortly. You may leave additional details regarding your issue after the prompt, or simply hang up.”
  3. After a few seconds, a technician will call you back to probe further and find out if they need to visit the classroom to troubleshoot the issue, offer help over the phone, or escalate the issue to another team.

We hope this new process will create a better experience for our faculty.


Thank you,

Chapman University IS&T  

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