We are thrilled to unveil the latest and enhanced version of Adobe Express, your all-in-one content creation powerhouse, now available to empower students and educators like never before. Get ready to embark on a creative journey that will transform classroom assignments and creative projects into captivating multimedia masterpieces!

What’s New in Adobe Express: 

  • Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Creative Confidence: Break down creative barriers and unlock your full potential with generative AI-powered features. Translate your descriptions into captivating images, enhance your projects with AI text effects, and explore endless possibilities for expressive design.
  • All-in-One Editor: Unleash your imagination with our multimedia editor that lets you effortlessly bring your creative visions to life in just a few simple steps. Design stunning static posts, dynamic videos, eye-catching flyers, and more – all within the same intuitive interface. Easily drag and drop scenes, adjust object timing, and create animations with enhanced controls.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Say goodbye to traditional collaboration hurdles. Seamlessly collaborate with peers by leaving comments directly within your projects. From feedback to joint project work, build valuable collaboration skills while making your ideas shine.
  • Effortless Video Creation: Crafting polished videos has never been easier. Dive into our collection of video templates, customize them with text, graphics, and clips, and effortlessly trim, resize, crop, and merge videos in seconds. Choose color themes that match your projects and amplify your videos with free video and audio clips from Adobe Stock.
  • Interoperability with Adobe Suite: Seamlessly transition between Adobe Express, Photoshop, and Illustrator, empowering you to elevate your creative skills and advance your digital communication prowess.
  • Edit PDFs with Ease: Transform PDFs with Quick Actions, converting various file formats to PDF and vice versa. Edit text, add visuals, and even infuse animation and video to transform your PDFs into engaging multimedia projects.
  • Animate from Audio: Bring characters to life by speaking into your microphone, adding a fun twist to presentations, and showcasing your learning in innovative ways. Boost confidence for those who struggle with writing or presenting.

Whether you are a student looking to captivate your audience or an educator seeking innovative teaching tools, the New Adobe Express has you covered. The new Adobe Express is only available on desktop via a web browser. A mobile version is coming soon.

Visit chapman.edu/adobe to activate your account.


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