Software updates are pivotal in enhancing security, fixing vulnerabilities, and ensuring your systems run smoothly. Ignoring them can expose your devices to various risks, including cyber threats and reduced performance. Keeping your operating system, applications, and antivirus software up to date is essential to maintaining a secure and efficient digital environment.   

When it comes to updates, here are a few tips to keep in mind:   

  • Enabling Automatic Updates Makes Your Life Easier 
  • Get Updates from the Source – Don’t Fall for Fakes!  
  • Staying Informed about the Latest Patches and Updates  

Enabling Automatic Updates Makes Your Life Easier    

Software and Operating System vulnerabilities are released every day. Some software will automatically check for updates, and many vendors offer users the option to receive updates automatically. If automatic options are available, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recommends that you take advantage of them.  

Enabling automatic updates is crucial to ensure your software remains secure and up to date. Updates often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features that improve the software’s performance and protect it from vulnerabilities. This way, you don’t have to worry about checking your settings every morning!  

Automatic updates require user or administrator consent when installing or configuring the software. Once you consent to automatic updates, software updates are “pushed” (or installed) to your system automatically. Just make sure to periodically check your software update settings (checking quarterly is a good idea) to ensure everything has been set up correctly.  

Get Updates from the Source – Don’t Fall for Fakes!    

Occasionally, you’ve probably encountered suspicious pop-up windows that urgently demand you download a software update. These are common on shady websites and are always fake – attackers use these methods to direct unsuspecting users toward websites with malicious files disguised as legitimate updates. Don’t take the bait; learn more about common scams to stay ahead!  

To prevent users from falling into these scams, we recommend only downloading software updates from trusted vendor websites. Additionally, avoid updating software (automatically or manually) while connected to untrusted networks (e.g., airports, hotels, and coffee shops). Apply automatic updates from trusted network locations (e.g., home, work) whenever possible.   

Staying Informed about the Latest Patches and Updates    

Install updates as soon as possible to protect your computer, phone, and other devices against attackers who exploit system vulnerabilities. Attackers may target vulnerabilities for months or even years after updates are available. Even if it is a pain to close out of your programs and restart your device, it is worth it to do this right away, especially if the update patches an urgent security flaw.  

Update your devices and software with these direct links:

If you receive a suspicious email in your Chapman account, do not click on any link or reply to the sender. Instead, please continue to report any malicious message by forwarding it as an attachment to To see the latest trending scams, please visit


For each of the four weeks of Cybersecurity Awareness month, we will have a weekly “challenge” to earn cool prizes! Anyone who completes the weekly challenge will be entered into the raffle for that prize.


  • The winner will be randomly selected each week.
  • The winners must be Chapman staff/faculty/students, and submissions will only be accepted from their Chapman email address.
  • Only responses submitted from a Chapman University Email address are accepted.

Week 3: Crossword puzzle

  • 1st prize: Rice Cooker
  • 2nd prize: Moon Lamp
  • 3rd prize: T-shirt (limited sizes)

How to win:

  1. Complete the week’s challenge and take a screenshot of your final score.
  2. Email and include some confirmation of completion (screenshot, print screen, your answers)
  3. Use the following subject line: “CSAM – Week 3.”

The week 3 challenge: fill out the crossword below and send us a screenshot with your answers! 

That’s it! We hope to hear from all of you, and good luck!


Stay vigilant, stay safe!

Chapman University Information Systems & Technology (IS&T)