Welcome to a pivotal moment in the evolution of Chapman University’s workforce management. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Human Capital Management (HCM) Refresh Project, a comprehensive initiative designed to transform how we work and be able to make informed decisions with in-depth data.

The HCM Refresh Project allows us to explore, test, and deploy the best-automated solutions delivered by PeopleSoft HCM. It is a three-year project that began in late 2023 with background work on data redesign and system configuration changes. Each phase of the HCM Refresh Project is meticulously planned to improve system functionalities, streamline business processes, enhance user experience, and deliver important workforce reporting. This Project promises to lay the foundation for strategic growth and operational excellence.

In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, having timely, accessible, and accurate workforce data is not just an advantage – it is a necessity. The HCM Refresh Project will empower decision-making at all levels, fostering a culture of transparency and agility that aligns with the University’s “Path to Greatness” strategic plan.

What’s Changing:

The days of manual processes and workaround systems will become a distant past. This shift enhances productivity and enriches the employee experience, aligning individual talents with the University’s mission.


  • Year One, 2023-24: Create a reporting framework that will deliver timely, accurate data for effective workforce management, planning, forecasting, and decision-making.
  • Year Two and Three (2024-25, 2025-26): Deliverables are under assessment and will be announced soon.

Please visit Chapman University’s HCM Refresh Project page for more detailed information. We will include training information for functional and everyday users on this page in the near future. 
Thank you,

Human Capital Management (HCM) Team