Every fall, the National Association of Flavors and Food Ingredient Systems (NAFFS) awards two of our outstanding Food Science students each a scholarship check for $1,500. Friend of the Food Science program and NAFFS member, Patrick Imburgia, facilitates this award. This year, the NAFFS scholarship was awarded to Kayla McCormack and Michelle Jin. Schmid College appreciates NAFFS continued support of our Food Science students. 

Read more about the scholarship recipients below.

Meet the Scholarship Recipients:

kayla mccormackKayla McCormack

Originally from New Hampshire, Kayla relocated to Southern California after finishing her undergraduate degree. She graduated with Bachelor’s in both Politics and Journalism from Ithaca College. After working in a development role at a meal kit startup, she decided to pursue her M.S. in Food Science at Chapman University. She hopes to work in product development, in some capacity, after she graduates from the program.


Michelle Jin

Michelle was born in South Korea but is now living in La Crescenta, California. Currently, Michelle is a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and is in the Food Science accelerated program where she will obtain her Master’s in Food Science after one additional year of study. She chose to pursue the accelerated program because she was interested in food safety, food preservation, and the food’s chemical composition. Michelle would like to pursue a career as a food technologist or quality assurance, that involves food safety and improving food quality. She believes that food safety and food quality are essential because they must be kept in check to ensure that companies produce safe and healthy products for consumers.


Congratulations to Kayla and Michelle for this receiving this honor!

Cover photo: Patrick Imburgia awarding the 2019 NAFFS Scholarship last year.