Patrick Fuery, chair of the English department, confirmed that he has been selected as dean of Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He will assume the position in August.

A faculty search committee, consisting of Marvin Meyer, professor of religious studies; Myron Yeager, professor of English; Marilyn Harran, Stern chair in Holocaust education and director of The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education; and Gordon Babst, associate professor of political science, forwarded its recommendation to Chancellor Daniele Struppa after conducting an online survey of Wilkinson College faculty. After nearly a month of soliciting additional candidates, Fuery remained the sole nominee.

Meyer, chair of the search committee, declined to comment on the contents of the recommendation or why Fuery remained the only candidate.

Chancellor Struppa created the search committee in February after Patrick Quinn, current dean of Wilkinson College, announced he will step down in August to become a full-time faculty member.

“The search committee organized several venues for faculty and staff to meet with Dr. Fuery and hear his vision for the college,” Struppa wrote. “The committee then solicited faculty input in order to ascertain whether or not the faculty were supportive of Dr. Fuery’s appointment as dean.”

As dean, Fuery plans to increase the amount of faculty academic research done within the college using a platform called Chapman Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASH).

“I see research as a key part of all academic life – from it grows great ideas and change,” Fuery wrote in an email to reporter Hannah Fry, News Editor for The Panther Newspaper. “I also see Wilkinson as rich in research and would be keen to see this as an integral part of our identity.”

Contents of this story were taken from reporter
Hannah Fry’s story in the Panther Newspape