Chapman University,
The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education
Wilkinson College
bring you Judita Matyášová in a lecture titled, ““Unknown Stories: Czech Jewish Teenagers in Denmark and Sweden, 1939-1945.”

Matyášová will be speaking on Tuesday, November 19, at 4 p.m. in Beckman 404.


Judita Matyášová is a freelance journalist and author in Prague, Czech Republic, where she is a researcher at the Military History Institute. She is a regular contributor to the Czech newspaper Lidové noviny. Ms. Matyášová is a graduate of Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy. She is the co-author with photographer Jan Jindra of the book, Journeys
with Franz Kafka. Her most recent book, Friendship in Spite of Hitler, recounts for the first time the stories of eighty Jewish teenagers sent to rural Denmark in 1939 to escape the growing Nazi threat. In 1943, thanks to Danish rescuers, most of the eighty were ferried to safety in neutral Sweden. In this lecture, Ms. Matyášová shares the stories of these teenagers, the challenges they faced, and the friendships that sustained them.