Wilkinson College Graphic Design majors and minors have had their designs selected and featured in the 2014 July/August Issue of THE STAR magazine, the national publication of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America. THE STAR is published by the Mercedes-Benz Club of America as a benefit available exclusively to MBCA members. The award-winning 120-page print magazine is published six times a year. The student designs are from an annual project with the Mercedes Benz Classic Center in Irvine.

“We are very proud that they have been chosen and showcased in this publication,” said Department of Art Chair Eric Chimenti.

The participating students were all sophomores in Art 230: Introduction to Graphic Design, taught by Chimenti. Students included Anna Milioutina, Andrew Marchbank, Katie Bailie, Geno Belassen, Melissa Bond, Krista Hengesh, Patrick Schlesselmann and Jake Kincaid.

The posters have been purchased by a Florida Mercedes Benz dealer who plans to display them in his showrooms there.