Students enrolled in (Sociology) Professor Clara Magliola’s “Feminist-Art-Theory- Power” class were asked to complete five “Art-Theory Projects” over the 2014 Fall semester.  Such projects allow students to apply and illustrate analytical concepts from Social Theory (including feminist theory) through visual expression, as complementing/companion pieces to verbal and text-based expression.

For the first project, students were asked to create a self portrait, titled —  “Gender Performativity Commodity Self Portrait” using any mixed-media and a styrofoam head – requiring, creativity, imagination, effort and analytical skills. Also including, a one-page essay as a companion piece to the artwork created, discussing what the portrait says about them, its meanings, the analytical and creative process, media and methods … and they had to be sure to explain their “commodity self” and some of the various ways in which they “do gender.”

The art projects are currently being displayed in Roosevelt Hall on the second floor. Stop by and check out the incredible pieces!