Art 393 Sustainable Design course begins today!

This summer, the class has been asked to create and develop communication materials to help launch an awareness campaign in a pilot school program by their client, Lunar Mission One (LM1) in London.

LM1 is charged with building a spacecraft to land on the moon and drill core samples for scientific study. DNA and digital data archiving the human race and the ecosystem of earth will be placed in a time capsule and left on the moon.

The space mission’s objectives are to explore the moon’s interior and investigate a permanent manned base, while examining the potential for astronomy from the moon. The time capsule archive will include a database of the biosphere of the Earth. A major cultural element of the project includes music, poetry, performing arts and visual arts.

Chapman University’s Art 393 Sustainable Design class has been asked to develop a communication tool creating emotional interest and encouraging students to share their concepts and design ideas. Middle schools, high schools and universities are the target. The pilot program materials are scheduled for January 2016 distribution.

Art Professors Leland and Chimenti will travel to London in the the middle of July with their students to present the project to LM1.

Good luck everyone!

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