Studying on campus is an great way to get work done while being close to all your professors and resources. For people who commute long distances, studying on campus may be your only option between classes on a long day. However, even if you only live a mile or so from campus, parking can get really tricky as the day goes on, so staying on campus between classes might be your best bet.

But, with the crowded library and loud Starbucks patio, studying on campus may not be your first pick. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of “secret” study spots that have so much appeal, you might even be excited about studying.

We did say might.

Outdoor area with chairs and tables.

Argyros Forum patio.

A great study spot is the roof patio of Argyros Forum. There’s plenty of tables and benches, it’s quiet and private, and offers a peaceful environment conducive for studying. Plus, added bonus, it’s outside. Studying outside is a great idea. The fresh air can keep students on track better than a stuffy library and the faint hum of birds outside is helpful in making the area not “too” silent.

Area with chairs next to window.

Argyros Forum top floor.

If you prefer inside studying, that’s understandable. The comfort of the indoors may be more your style, plus sometimes it can get too windy outside. In that case, the top floor of Argyros Forum right across the way from the outdoor patio has a quiet seating area. When you come up the stairs you take an immediate left and you can’t miss this spot. There’s a nice couch and a chair with tables … it is perfect for studying. It’s definitely a study spot score.

Bleachers in stadium.

Wilson Field football field bleachers.

If you like sports, being on the field, or another mildly quiet outdoor spot, check out the bleachers by the football field. There is barely anyone there (assuming it’s not game time) and the plethora of seats allows you to spread out your stuff. Because of the lack of tables, this is a great place if you need to read a text book or have other reading material to get through.

Student sitting on bench.

Doti Hall patio.

If you like the outdoor idea but need a table (or two), check out this special spot on the east-side of Doti Hall. There aren’t a lot of people in this spot (normally, however, it can get a little busy around lunch time) and it’s a really quiet location with plenty of tables and benches to disperse your study materials. Plus, this area has umbrellas which is nice on a sunny day.

Students working on patio.

Law School patio.

Another great spot is behind by the Law School between the parking lot and the Law Building. There are a bunch of tables, chairs, and umbrellas for shade. This spot often has a handful of people, but it’s a great outdoor location, especially when it’s not peak hours.

Do you have a favorite study spot on campus? Share them with us!