road-tripIn May, Jacob Lampe (Sociology major, with an emphasis in Social Work, ’16) graduated from Chapman University and soon he will be attending USC’s School of Social Work, a program dedicated to improving the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities, advance social and economic justice, and eradicate pressing societal problems in complex and culturally diverse urban environments throughout Southern California, the nation and the world – Lampe will focus on Child and Family Services.

Before he starts this new journey, Lampe plans on taking a couple of road-trips to Illinois and Tennessee.

“I want to really focus on working on myself (self-help) and make the best out of every situation or experience that comes my way,” said Lampe. “Thank you (Sociology Department) so much for everything you have done for or helped me with! This (experience at Chapman) has enabled me to go beyond any expectation that I had for myself. The whole department has been tremendous during my time at Chapman University.”