By: Shoshana Feld-Sobol
Strategic and Corporate Communication (’17)

Thursday, April 6 at 7 p.m., Wilkinson College is presenting “Surviving the End of the World Interstices 2017.” This has brought in a collection of events, panels, and lectures which have all been on the topic of zombies and the end of the world. There is something so intriguing and captivating about the thought of the end of the world. In fact, there are hundreds of movies, books, TV shows and mass entertainment all centered around this very topic. If you love this genre already, or are just getting into it, here are our recommendations for the top five best movies and TV shows regarding zombies and the apocalypse.

  1. The Walking Dead (TV): Upon awaking from a coma, Sheriff Deputy Grimes discovers the world as he knew it no longer exists. He leads a group of survivors in their fight to stay alive. (Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead will be on the Interstices Panel on Thursday!).
  2. World War Z (Movie): An apocalyptic horror film that follows the life of former U.N. investigator Gerry Lane as he travels the world to find the cure for a lethal virus that is spreading like wildfire across the globe. (Author of this novel, Max Brooks, will also be here on Thursday as part of the Interstices 2017 panel. We are so excited!)
  3. We’re Alive (Movie): This movie takes place near Los Angeles County; an Army Reserve Soldier hears an explosion which erupts in riots. Soon he realizes it’s not money these rioters are after, it’s other humans! The plot surrounds around a fight for survival; who can survive the zombies.
  4. The Last Ship (TV): A virus has wiped out more than half the world’s population, it is up to the Tom Chandler, on the USS Nathan James, to save humanity from extinction as he decides the safest place to develop a vaccine is at sea.
  5. The Plague (Movie): Six individuals find themselves trapped in Niagara Falls on a toxic waste site and witness the plague that brings the dead back to life.

We hope you enjoy our entertainment selection! See you all on Thursday in Memorial Hall! You don’t want to miss this!