The events of October 30
, commencing at the now infamous
Mercury Theatre
, are of course burned into the minds of every living human that has now rightly earned the name survivor. I am sure I do not need to remind anyone of the horrors of
, and in fact those atrocities serve to remind us of what waits for us if we ever again dare to let down our collective global guard.  Leading historian and correspondent throughout the events of
Max Brooks
, rightly stated, “we can’t let these stories die!”

And so it is those of us which sustained life and rebuilt in the wake of, to again quote
, “the greatest conflict in human history”, that have an enormous debt owed to the ever present and dedicated
Global Annihilation Security Project

The Global Annihilation Security Project (G.A.S.P.)
was formed in the midst of THE OCCURRENCE with support from every sovereign nation who worked to assemble the largest scientific collective in the history of the world. Through the quick-thinking actions of our global scientific collective led by Simón Bolívar Trask, (RIP), humanity pulled through
and has successfully begun the process of rebuilding.

G.A.S.P.’s mission is:

  • PROTECT – We act in the name of safeguarding our global citizens from all threats to their peace and stability.
  • PREPARE – We strive to help others increase their awareness and be ready for the unexpected.
  • PREVENT – We seek to identify and annihilate all potential threats to prevent another global catastrophe.
  • PROSPER – Only by working together can we push back the darkness and create a safe future for all Humans.

It is our duty to be aware and prepared, and so
February 13-17th will be (G.A.S.P.)WEEK
here on Chapman’s main campus. (G.A.S.P.) will be hosting events designed to educate students, faculty, staff and the community on how to better prepare for tomorrow’s disasters
  Stay tuned for further (G.A.S.P.) news updates and events!

To learn more about G.A.S.P., check out their blog!

*G.A.S.P. is a fictitious group created by Wilkinson College to help promote our college event, Interstices: Surviving the End of the World 2017, on April 6, 2017 and is strictly for entertainment purposes only.  Chapman University/Wilkinson College is the legal copyright holder of all material on this blog (and and others should not use, reprint or publish without Wilkinson College’s written consent.