In the Summer of 2016, Amanda Lindsey ’19 traveled to Taiwan to study the Chinese language with Wilkinson Language Professor I-Ting Chao’s Chinese, Culture and Society Travel Course. Lindsey and other Chapman students spent the month of July living and studying in Taiwan. By traveling to multiple cities, students were given the opportunity to converse with native speakers and explore Taiwan’s diverse cultures, ancient history and delicious foods.

Student learning about Taiwanese tea culture.

Amanda Lindsey ’19 learns about Taiwanese tea culture with classmates.

“The most memorable moment for me was the sense of bond and togetherness in the room at the end of the trip,” says Lindsey regarding her language school’s graduation ceremony. “At the end of summer school, we had a graduation ceremony at Feng Chia University where language barriers were broken and lifelong friends were created. Professors gave encouraging speeches and students performed cultural dances from around the world. At the end of the trip, students from different countries and backgrounds became friends. I still keep in touch with them today on social media.”

Student in front of Global Citizens Plaza

“A travel course was the perfect length for me,” says Lindsey about her opportunities to learn abroad at ChapmanU.

Lindsey believes the most beneficial aspect of traveling off-campus was being exposed to another culture. “Culture makes me more open-minded. For example, context is changed when you view how you live every day in comparison to those abroad. As a marketing major, it’s important that I learn about other people’s cultures, which will help me learn how to market to them in the future.”

Lindsey posing in a local Taiwanese city.

Travel courses include field trips to surrounding cities and historic landmarks.

Lindsey recommends study abroad students to put expectations aside and live each moment day-by-day. “No one day is a perfect day. Think about how to overcome difficulties as they come,” says Lindsey.

For students who wish to travel abroad in the future, Lindsey suggests travelers be flexible and  take things slow. “Every day is not perfect. Classes may be cancelled. Your scheduled trip may be delayed. It’s important to remain calm to avoid losing sight of what’s around you if you begin to feel rushed.”

Interested in participating in a Travel Course next year? Here are some options to travel thoughtfully during your academic journey at Chapman: