Wilkinson College is committed to leading the conversation on campus and in our community on issues of humanity, unity, and justice with the new series, Engaging the World: Leading the Conversation on the Significance of Race. The initiative demonstrates the vital importance of the arts, humanities and social sciences to building a better, more harmonious society, and includes productive collaboration between Wilkinson College and disciplines housed in other Chapman colleges.

This series launches Monday, August 31 with Begin/Again: Marking Black Memories, an art exhibit that explores how memories are reshaped and reimagined by contemporary Black artists. Highlighted events throughout the semester include films, guest lectures, book clubs and art exhibits, building on the existing expertise of the faculty, integrating their research into community engagement, through public programming on campus. 

This is the first year of a multi-year commitment to undertake semester-long examinations of key societal issues of importance to the college-age generation. These interdisciplinary, campus-wide conversations will promote thoughtful dialogue; mindful reflection; social tolerance; awareness and respect; peace and kindness.

“We are at one of the most critical points in the country’s development in terms of race,” said Dr. Rozell “Prexy” Nesbitt, Presidential Fellow in Peace Studies at Chapman University. “

“I think the vast majority of American’s have gotten the message that embracing this country means embracing that history. It means looking at some of our horrible past and committing to move on and to learn from those things and rebuild the foundations of this country in a more inclusive and welcoming way,” said Nesbitt.

By inviting students to actively participate in multidisciplinary examinations of crucial issues, we believe they will be better prepared to engage in the world as informed and caring global citizens. This programming is linked to our First Year Focus courses, which include topics such as Black Feminism, Anti-Racism, Civil Rights in Constitutional History, From Yellow Peril to Yellow Power, and Speculative Fictions of Race and Ethnicity.

“I am really excited to have my FFC participate in ETW and having the students be able to situate the Yellow Peril material within a big-picture context of discussions on race in America. Also, I believe the larger programming of the college reinforces the relevance of the classroom material to the ‘real world’,” said Stephanie Takaragawa, associate dean and associate professor of sociology.

“Wilkinson College is moving with determination to ensure that we offer more than lip service to the values of diversity and inclusion as we strive to create an anti-racist campus culture,” said Jennifer D. Keene, dean of Wilkinson College

With over 20 virtual events scheduled throughout the fall semester for this series, our hope is that you will find one (or two or three!) that resonates with you and you join in the conversation. 

See the full list of the Engaging the World Series and mark your calendars now!