The past couple of weeks, high-achieving Wilkinson students were recognized with honors in a series of events that constituted this year’s annual Wilkinson College award ceremonies and campus leadership awards.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Kugelman Awards

Dulcie and Lawrence Kugelman have been supporting the Annual Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony for well over 10 years. The Kugelman awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of Art, English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures.


Studio Art

  •         Virginia Purcell Award: Nicole Daskas
  •         Departmental Honors: Olivia Collins, Nicole Daskas, Alyssa Tucker

Graphic Design

  •         Virginia Purcell Award: Santina Busalacchi
  •         Margo Pawell Award: Jocelyn Cruz-Garcia and Christian Ledezma
  •         Ken Camastro Award: Kyle Kawakami
  •         Departmental Honors: Natalie Baron, Lauren Braun, Annie Brennan, Santina Busalacchi, Katie Bussoletti, Jocelyn Cruz-Garcia, Amanda Hirahara, Eva Huzella, Christian Ledezma, Audrey Woodward
  •         Ideation Lab Honors Awards: Santina Busalacchi, Annie Brennan, Natalie Baron, Bryn Wieking


  •         Mel Watson Award for Scholarly and Creative Excellence: Elliott Ector
  •         Outstanding Journalism Student: Breeana Greenberg
  •         Outstanding BFA Student: Nathan Reynoso
  •         Outstanding Literature Student: Abby Wright
  •         Outstanding Rhetoric Student: Taylor Hein
  •         Outstanding MA Students: Madison Shockley and Ethan Trejo
  •         Outstanding MFA Student: Tryphena Yeboah
  •         Outstanding Dual Degree Students: Candice Yacono and Sam Risak
  •         Anna Marie Jardini Award for Service and Achievement: Madeline Humphrey


  •         Outstanding Graduating Philosophy Major: Joshua Oommen
  •         Mike W. Martin Award for Achievement in Philosophy: Donovan Keeler

Religious Studies:

  •         Departmental Honors: Carla Frias Dominguez and Taylor Kliss
  •         Outstanding Student in Religious Studies: Carla Frias Dominguez

World Languages and Cultures:

  •         Outstanding French Major: Elliott Ector, Claire Berkowitch
  •         Outstanding Spanish Major: Sixtine Foucaut
  •         Outstanding Chinese Minor: Dominic F. Puntoriero
  •         Outstanding Italian Studies Minor: Drew Murphy
  •         Outstanding Japanese Studies Minor: Kiana Hasegawa

Henley Awards

For over 25 years, Ludie and David C. Henley have been hosting the Annual Henley Social Sciences Awards Ceremony. The Henley awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of History, Peace Studies, Political Science, and Sociology.


  •         Departmental Honors: Delaynie Voortman, George Tajonera, Taylor Kliss
  •         Best Senior Thesis Award: Nicole Saito
  •         History Department Excellence Award: Collin Brown

Peace Studies:

  •         Departmental Honors: Yasmeen Abu Khalaf, Saba Amid, Breil Bonaguro, Zachary Davis, Hunter Jowell, Emily Lam, Sophia Morrissette, Karmen Pantoja, Kamaile Patton, Preetha Raj, Shreya Sheth, Natalia Ventura, Finn Wainwright, Molly Weitzman
  •         Paul Delp Award in Peace Studies: Sophia Morrissette and Shreya Sheth
  •         Don Will Award for Student Organizing: Natalia Ventura and Ramya Sinha

Political Science:

  •         Departmental Honors: Saba Amid, Chelsea Arnold, Breil Bonaguro, Jessica Cardenas, Zachary Davis, Josey Dunbar, Luke Edwards, McKenna Etheridge, Audrey Hattori, Alya Hijazi, Mara Hughes, Hunter Jowell, Kaitlyn Kaplan, Bryce Kauffman, Alexandra Leon Oliva, Lieu Madayag, Isabella Morrow, Karmen Pantoja, Jenna Perry, Pilar Quezada, Anthony Ramacher, Hanna Rosenheimer, Sofia Sanchez, Annalysse Santos, Matthew Vegh, Mallory Warhurst
  •         Political Science Citizen-Scholar Award: Mallory Warhurst
  •         Political Science Top Scholar Award: Kaitlyn Kaplan


  •         Departmental Honors: Paige Goedderz, Aimee DeMier, Riley Longo, Deborah Shim, Katelyn Antilla, Klaudia Varadi, Shayla Tonge, Jacob Krauss, Jasmine Sanabrais, Riley Rubin, Alexandra Leon Oliva, Javari Hunt, Morgan Shirk
  •         Sociology Award for Academic Excellence: Javari Hunt, Aimee DeMier, Paige Goedderz

The Campus Leadership Awards program recognizes outstanding student achievement in the Chapman community. Twelve Wilkinson College students took home campus leadership honors this year.

  •         Outstanding Diversity Leadership Award: Natalia Ventura (Peace Studies)

I was surprised,” said Ventura, a Peace Studies major and self-designed minor in Aesthetic Activism when she was told about the award. “I have so many fellow student activist leaders who were equally as deserving as me! It felt validating to be recognized for the hundreds of unpaid hours I have put into making our school more inclusive, and I wish there were more systems in place to make sure this kind of student work can be rewarded and appreciated. To me, this is a win for all of the students who are leaders in activism and authentic DEI.”

Ventura will be interning with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History doing diversity and inclusion work after graduation.

  •         Ronald M. Huntington Outstanding Scholarship Award: Javari Hunt (Anthropology)

Outstanding Seniors:

  •         Environmental Science and Policy: Monroe Roush
  •         Political Science: Leo Ortega
  •         Philosophy: Joshua Oommen
  •         English Literature, Rhetoric and Culture Studies: Taylor Hein
  •         Environmental Science and Policy: Maddison Milla
  •         English and Philosophy: Abbie DeMuth
  •         Political Science and Environmental Science and Policy: Mallory Warhurst
  •         Political Science: Pilar Quezada

Scholarship Winners:

  •         Scholarship Winner, Newman Civic Fellowship: Marisa Quezada, Sociology
  •         Fullbright Scholarship: Emilio Mejia, Create Writing

For a complete list of all the Campus Leadership Award winners, check here.