Gloria and Julian Peterson Award: Philip Goodrich ‘22

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science students were recently recognized with honors in a series of events that constituted this year’s annual Wilkinson award ceremonies and the 14th annual Campus Leadership Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Gloria and Julian Peterson Award: Philip Goodrich ‘22
The Gloria and Julian Peterson Award is awarded to the outstanding graduating senior who has excelled in scholarship and given distinguished leadership in their dedication to enriching University life. This student must exemplify leadership as represented in at least three of the four pillars that guide Chapman University: Intellectual, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

Goodrich, a history and political science major, will be attending UCLA to obtain his M.Ed. in Student Affairs and plans to work in the field of higher education.

“It is a true honor to be the recipient of this year’s Peterson Award. Chapman has given me incredible opportunities to lead, primarily through the Student Government Association (SGA), and I am grateful for all of the people who have helped me along the way. This award is for all of the students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members I have been privileged to work with these past four years.”  

Gloria and Julian Peterson Award: Philip Goodrich ‘22

Ronald M. Huntington Outstanding Scholarship Award: Natanael Alpay ‘22
The Ronald M. Huntington Award is presented to the graduating Chapman senior judged to have exhibited the most distinguished record of scholarly accomplishments. Recipients must demonstrate evidence of exemplary scholarly accomplishments well beyond normal classroom activities.

Alpay will be completing degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science and French.

Paul S. Delp Outstanding Service Award: Marisa Quezada ‘22

Paul S. Delp Outstanding Service Award: Marisa Quezada ‘22

The Paul S. Delp Award is presented to the graduating senior judged to have made the greatest contribution through voluntary service to the community at large. This award is based upon the student’s entire record of service since freshman year.

Outstanding Diversity Leadership Award: Ramya Sinha ‘22
(Pictured above in header)

The Outstanding Diversity Leadership Award is presented to the graduating senior who has shown exemplary promotion of social justice, multicultural and diversity initiatives through their work at Chapman University and in the greater community over the course of their college career.

Sinha is a Business major and Africana Studies and Sociology minor.

“I’ve had such an incredible experience with Africana Studies. I have learned so much from this minor and I think everyone should take Africana Studies classes because the information that you will learn and the growth that you will experience is invaluable.”

Outstanding Wilkinson Seniors: 

  • Danny Gaitan, Political Science Minor
  • Dalia Jaafar, Spanish Minor
  • Marina Logue, Philosophy and Political Science Major; Law and Liberal Arts Minor
  • Stephanie Munduruca, Peace Studies Minor
  • Joselyn Rivera, Political Science Major and Women & Gender Studies Minor
  • Natalie Standridge, Law, Justice, and Social Control and Italian Studies Minor
  • Jeremy Tang, Sociology Minor
  • Sarah Wilson, English Major

Outstanding Wilkinson Juniors:

  • Lauren Bramlett, English Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies Major
  • Peter Cline, Political Science Major
  • Angelina Hicks, Journalism Minor
  • Dylan Holder, Law, Justice, and Social Control Minor
  • Anika Manuel, Peace Studies and Political Science Majors; Ethnic Studies and Philosophy Minors

Outstanding Wilkinson Sophomores:

  • Camilla Acosta, Sociology Minor
  • Rama Bedri, Environmental Science and Policy Major
  • Bernadine Cortina, English Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies Major, Africana Studies, and Ethnic Studies Minors
  • Sarah Epley, Environmental Studies Minor
  • Angela Garcia, Sociology and Graphic Design Majors and Women & Gender Studies Minor
  • Kainani Tacazon, Environmental Science and Policy Major
  • Jocelyn Valdivia, Environmental Science and Policy Major

Outstanding Wilkinson First Years:

  • Owen Lucus Agbayani, English Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies Major
  • Paris Donohoe, Sociology Major and Spanish Minor
  • Maverick Shuck, Political Science Major
  • Ruthie Weeks, Religious Studies Minor
  • Hannah Wells, Peace Studies Major

Kugelman Awards

Dulcie and Lawrence Kugelman have supported the Annual Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony for many years. The Kugelman awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the departments of Art, English, Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures.


Art History

Departmental Honors

  • Angelique Acuna
  • Alex Faber
  • Deanna Hunter
  • Arabella Reece
  • Liam Williams

Purcell Outstanding Student Award

  • Alex Faber

Studio Art 

Departmental Honors

  • Emilie Dashe
  • Katherine Dean
  • Morgan Grimes
  • Sofia Montgomery
  • Jeanna Polisini
  • Fiona Quilter
  • Hannah Scott

Purcell Outstanding Student Award

  • Sofia Montgomery and Hannah Scott

Graphic Design 

Departmental Honors

  • Sarit Ashkenazi
  • Hannah Battista
  • Jaeden Camstra
  • Wai Yan Cheung Elizabeth Choi
  • Jocelyn Cruz-Garcia Monika Del Rosario Aryanna Diaz
  • Angelique Francis
  • Lucy Guyer
  • Riley Herendeen
  • Megan Jefferson
  • Nayoung Kim
  • Cameron Mannen
  • Isabelle Marcantuono
  • Hana Murayama
  • Kaita Pannor
  • Alice Premeau
  • Savannah Sneed
  • Makena Snipes
  • Samantha Stein
  • Avery Tamusaitis
  • Danelle Vicencio
  • Sarah Wapner
  • Audrey Woodward
  • Mia Zucchi

Ken Camastro Award

  • Monika Del Rosario

Margo Pawell Award

  • Lucy Guyer

Purcell Outstanding Student Award

  • Alice Premeau


Mel Watson Award for Scholarly & Creative Excellence

  • Kyra Jee

Scott Marshutz Award for Excellence in Journalism 

  • Luca Evans

Outstanding BFA Student

  • Lizeth de la Luz

Outstanding Literature & Rhetoric Student

  • Trisha Gautam

Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student

  • Ansalee Morrison

Terri Brint Joseph Award for Outstanding MFA Student

  • Janalee Tabayoyong

Tom Massey Award for Outstanding Dual Degree Student

  • Paige Welsh

Anna Marie Jardini Award for Service and Achievement 

  • Kaye Valdez (Undergraduate)
  • Megan Friess (Graduate)

Religious Studies

Departmental Honors

  • Evan Johnson

Outstanding Student in Religious Studies

  • Evan Johnson

World Languages and Cultures

Outstanding Achievement in a Major

  • Kylie Deer, French
  • Joshua Jackson, German
  • Regina Juarez, Spanish
  • Koki Kayo, Japanese
  • Jon Paul Lawton, Spanish
  • Bianca Newel, Italian
  • Kai Terrell, French

Outstanding Achievement in a Minor

  • Emily Yee Wong, Chinese

Henley Awards

Ludie and David C. Henley have been underwriting the Annual Henley Social Sciences Awards Ceremony for over 25 years. The Henley awards celebrate and acknowledge the top academic students within the areas of History, Interdisciplinary Programs, Peace Studies, Political Science, and Sociology


Departmental Honors

  • Patrick Beirne
  • Sabrina Ghashehbaba
  • Philip Goodrich
  • Christian Grevin
  • Sydney Horner
  • Sophia Hyke
  • Kenzington Martin
  • Nicole Saito
  • Olivia Wagner

History Department Academic Excellence Award 

  • Patrick Beirne

Lee Estes Best Conference Paper Award

  • Christian Grevin

Lee Estes Best Senior Thesis Award

  • Philip Goodrich

Interdisciplinary Programs Academic Excellence in Africana Studies 

  • Ramya Sinha

Academic Excellence in Creative and Cultural Industries

  • Ellie Nguyen

Academic Excellence in Disability Studies

  • Olivia Liberati

Academic Excellence in Environmental Studies

  • Naomi Hill

Academic Excellence in Latinx and Latin American Studies

  • Samantha Jimenez

Academic Excellence in Law and the Liberal Arts

  • Marina Gibbs-Logue

Academic Excellence in LGBTQ Studies

  • Alexis Singleton

Academic Excellence in Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Sage Okolo

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Minor Award

  • Sage Okolo
  • Ramya Sinha

Peace Studies

Departmental Honors

  • Elise Bold
  • Mira Eissa
  • Thomas Grebert
  • Larissa Salazar
  • Olivia Wagner
  • Briana Walker
  • Jaymee Weisberg

Paul Delp Award in Peace Studies

  • Elise Bold
  • Mira Eissa
  • Olivia Wagner

Don Will Award for Student Organizing

  • Briana Walker

Political Science

Departmental Honors

  • Roxanna Amirazizi
  • Arye Anaya
  • Skyelar Andrews
  • Quin Barron
  • Elise Bold
  • Megane Bos
  • Erisa Castillo
  • Krista Cleary
  • Matthew Cotti
  • Mira Eissa
  • Sasha Espinosa
  • Sara Fujii
  • Sabrina Ghashehbaba
  • Marina Gibbs-Logue
  • Philip Goodrich
  • Christian Grevin
  • Eli Haas
  • Naomi Hill
  • Magdaline Kabilafkas
  • Maria Kachulis-Moriarty
  • Sydnie Leigh
  • Devin Lopez
  • Wynn Maloney
  • Hailey Montez
  • Ryan Nahmias
  • Nicole Saito
  • Sumta Sandhu
  • Josephine Sheridan
  • Katelyn Syverson
  • Mary Kaye Celine Valdez
  • Matthew Vegh
  • Marshall Viverette

Political Science Citizen-Scholar Award

  • Philip Goodrich
  • Christian Grevin

Political Science Top Scholar Award

  • Skyelar Andrews
  • Nicole Saito


Departmental Honors

  • Arianna Benitez
  • Gabriella Brandom
  • Caitlin Foley
  • Jessica Goodrich
  • Rithu Gurazada
  • Alexis Hernandez
  • Bentley Kandel
  • Glennan Keldin
  • Madisyn Montgomery
  • Marisa Quezada
  • Eva Stanton
  • Bell Wyman

Sociology Award for Academic Excellence

  • Marisa Quezada
  • Bell Wyman