Chapman University’s Calliope Art & Literary Magazine was recognized as “Superior” in the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) contest. This is the second of four tiers of recognition, just behind “REALM First Class.”

The winning entry was Calliope’Fall 2021 Issue. Congratulations to Editor-in-Chief Tara Mann (‘22, Creative Writing), Managing Editor Kelly Taylor (‘24, Creative Writing, History), and the entire  Editorial Board.

(left to right): Gabriella Brandom and Kyra Jee (both ’22, Creative Writing) with the Spring 2021 and Spring 2022 issues.

Kelly Taylor, managing editor of the recognized issue, reflected on the challenges Calliope faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic:

“As our first issue back after three semesters online… this issue is a testament to the dedication of Calliope‘s editors and contributors, who battled new routines, paper shortages, time crunches, and little remaining legacy of what printing a magazine used to be like in what felt like a past life…this issue was the collective breath we had been holding in for so long, finally released into the world. I’m beyond proud of what we created and so excited about the new heights it has taken our magazine to.”

The REALM Program recognizes excellent, student-produced literary magazines in an effort to encourage schools to host magazines that celebrate artistic craft. The Fall 2021 Issue not only showcases original, inspiring visual art and writing from the Chapman Community, it also features Calliope’s first SoundCloud album of original student music.

Over the last two years, the magazine has also seen four contributors selected for inclusion in the National Anthology of the Best Undergraduate Writing: Madeleine Humphrey (‘21, Creative Writing), John Finnegan (‘24, English), Claire Tafoya (‘21, Creative Writing, Law, Justice, and Social Control minor), and Lauren Bramlett (‘23, English, Dance).

“ As a creative writing teacher, I know our young writers take their calling as artists very seriously and are inventing for us new things all the time. It’s great to see them get this encouragement and recognition.”  – Dr. Brain Glaser, Associate Professor in the Department of English and Faculty Advisor for Calliope Art & Literary Magazine.



Calliope is honored to be recognized by REALM and the community of artists at Chapman,” said John Finnegan (‘24, English), a member of Calliope’s editorial board. “We hope that Calliope‘s body of brave voices will only continue to grow.”

Named for the eldest of the Muses and the goddess of epic poetry, the Calliope Art & Literary Magazine is dedicated to showcasing an inclusive range of student and alumni artwork of all mediums. The magazine encourages new and experienced creators alike to engage with each other, and experience the publishing industry and process firsthand.

Submissions for the Spring 2023 Issue of Calliope Art & Literary Magazine will be accepted until February 24. Chapman students of all levels and majors are invited to submit their work.