Antony Post (24′ B.A. Film and Media Studies, Journalism minor)

Wilkinson College Journalism Student Antony Post (’24 B.A. Film and Media Studies, Journalism minor) interned with The Daily Show in New York City earlier this year as a Production Intern

During his internship, Post undertook a variety of responsibilities within different departments at the show.

These tasks included acting as a production assistant on filmed sketches, audience relations, wardrobe assistant, and research.

In one memorable assignment, Post assisted in research for an interview between host Hasan Minhaj and Shark Tank investor and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary. The work specifically focused on Minhaj’s line of questioning as he outlined O’Leary’s involvement with crypto.

“To be able to produce ‘something’ every day was quite rewarding,” Post said. “We could point to what we did that day with every new episode. It kept the energy alive in the building, because you never had to wait to see the impact of your work.”

Post attributes the growth in his research skills to his course curriculum within the Journalism minor.

“Knowing how to report on breaking news with accuracy and responsibility was a major part of the internship, he said.

“Antony epitomizes the core values of the journalism program—cultivating sharp minds, igniting curiosity, and asking tough questions,” said Dr. Susan Paterno, Journalism Program Director. “With his keen intellect, boundless curiosity, and exceptional critical thinking, Antony has laid the foundation for a bright future.” 

In addition to research, Post assisted with security, helping to maintain a safe experience for the audience, host, and guests and was given the opportunity to watch the show unfold live.

“It was tremendous to sit in the audience and experience the result of our hard work. After work, going home to see the episode on television and find my name in the credits was really exciting and fulfilling,” Post said.

After completing his undergraduate education, Post plans to work in the entertainment industry.

“The journalism program’s curriculum is designed to empower students with advanced research skills and encourage them to apply that knowledge during hands-on internships like The Daily Show. Our goal is to help students become successful, civic minded professionals, arming them with the essential skills and mindset they’ll need for success beyond graduation,” said Dr. Paterno.

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