While officially I joined the Escalette Collection of Art as a Collections Management and Research Intern on June 8th, 2023, I would argue my journey with the collection actually began 12 years ago, during one particularly scalding Southern California summer.

While other children cooled off theaters and shopping malls, I found my sanctuary in the LA museum scene. Seven-year-old Abigail found this space as magical as Disneyland, each exhibit an entrance to a different world. That summer has long inspired me to work within the museum industry, exploring new ways to entice learners of all ages as museums once enticed me.

I have to give thanks to that seven-year-old Abigail— it was her passion that led me to the Escalette Collection this summer. After just three months with the team, I have learned more about art museums and their practices than I ever could have imagined.

To best explain what I mean, stow away with me as I spend a week adventuring through the art world and learn what it means to be a part of the Escalette Collection team.

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