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Write to Read Connecting Members of the Local Literary Community

February 17, 2020 by Jason Thornberry | English

In celebration of Black History Month, Natashia Déon is the featured artist for the latest installment of Write to Read. But what exactly is Write to Read? How did one graduate student create a reading series that attracts not only his peers, but members of the Southern California community? It was the middle of Matt

So you’re in an MFA program–now what? A guest post by MFA Candidate Ariel N. Banayan

September 17, 2019 by Ariel N. Banayan | English

Fear and Loathing in an MFA Before I started the MFA in Creative Writing program at Chapman University, my understanding of an MFA student wasn’t accurate. I imagined stereotypical nerds dropping words like preposterous, obfuscation, pellucidity, and sesquipedalian into day-to-day conversations to prove a point about their fancy craft, whatever that meant. Honestly, I knew

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