Nearly 200 research projects were presented at Chapman University’s annual Student Research Day May 14, 2014. The daylong event was held at the Sandhu Conference Center, and it showcased the university’s student research and scholarly projects. Research posters lined the room and students stood nearby to explain their research and answer questions from the attendees.

Among them were numerous entries from the health and behavioral sciences:

 Physical Therapy

Case Report: Weight Drop Perturbation Training
Presenter(s):  Julia Bancroft, Patricia Brown, Dr. Lynn Tierney
Advisor(s):  Dr. Lynn Tierney, Dr. James Brown

Physical Therapist Beliefs and Perceptions of a Monthly, Topic‐Specific Research Discussion
Group: A Structured Approach to Evidence‐Based Practice
Presenter(s):  Chelsea Clark, Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler

Development of Gait Analysis Software Utilizing the Kinect Sensor
Presenter(s):  Philip Friesen, R.C. Friesen, Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler

Gross Motor Delay Secondary to Feeding and Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease (G.E.R.D.) in a 7‐month‐old Infant
Presenter(s):  Jennifer Greene, Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler

Effects of Hippotherapy Research Project: A Retrospective Analysis
Presenter(s): Janev Morris, Kyle Anderson, Dr. Marybeth Grant-Beuttler, Kristin Hatten, Chris Swan, Dr. Cyril Rakovski, Allie Winkle
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler

Physical Therapy Management of Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy: A Case Report
Presenter(s):  Cameron Rau, Keith Mahler
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler

High‐Dye Taping and Balance Intervention in a Pediatric Subject, A Case Report
Presenter(s):  Jennifer Whitehead, Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler, Catherine Rodriguez, Heather Sugg
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marybeth Grant‐Beuttler

Marriage and Family Therapy

The Orgasm Gaps: Differences in reported orgasm frequency by gender and sexual orientation
Presenter(s):  BJ Tilos, Chantal Avakain‐Fisher, Jenna Alley, Dr. David Frederick, Misha Wilks
Advisor(s):  Dr. David Frederick

Undergraduate Research

Selective Inhibition of Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Presenter(s):  Daniel Beyon
Advisor(s):  Dr. Michael Griffin

Assessment of Pomegranate Phytochemical Effects on Apoptosis in Colo-357 Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells via Pathways
Presenter(s):  Matthew Earle, Anthony Ewell‐Kollmann
Advisor(s):  Dr. Melissa Rowland‐Goldsmith

Cytotoxic Evaluation and Characterization of Select Pomegranate Phytochemicals on Tumor Suppression via Possible Mediation for Treated Colo‐357 Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cells
Presenter(s):  Anthony Ewell‐Kollmann, Matthew Earle
Advisor(s):  Dr. Melissa Rowland‐Goldsmith

Mitigation of bone mineral density loss in resistance‐trained, calorie‐restricted growing  female rats
Presenter(s):  Aaron Gerston, Haley Folta, Sarina Karwande, Kassandra Lee, Kimberly Lehmann,
Daniel Smithers, Dr. Kenneth Sumida, Quinton Wong
Advisor(s):  Dr. Kenneth Sumida

Molecular insights into prostate field cancerization: Are oxidative stress and telomerase inhibition functionally linked to induction of Early Growth Response 1 and Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine 1?
Presenter(s):  Kristin Gabriel, Kristin Gabriel, Emily Frisch, Dr. Marco Bisoffi
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marco Bisoffi

Applications of Chemiluminescence in the Measurement of Adenylate Cyclase Activity in CHOM2M3 Cells
Presenter(s):  Adam Kalawi
Advisor(s):  Dr. Michael Griffin

Prostate Field Cancerization: Up‐Regulated Expression of Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine 1
(MIC‐1) in Tumor Adjacent Tissue
Presenter(s):  Dor Shoshan, Dr. Marco Bisoffi
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marco Bisoffi

Targeting the Androgen Receptor in Human Cancer Cells Using Analogs of the Natural Product Curcumin (Diferuloylmethane)
Presenter(s):  Homa Hayatyfar, Lijah Vann Gardner
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marco Bisoffi

A Simulation Based Study on the Selection of Optimal Statistical Weights Incorporated in Regression Analysis of Tumor Methylation Data
Presenter(s):  Krish Rangarajan, Dr. Cyril Rakovski
Advisor(s):  Dr. Cyril Rakovski

Presenter(s):  Gianni Fiore
Advisor(s):  Dr. Kenneth Sumida

Assessment of the Effects of Pomegranate Juice and Caffeine on Cell Inhibition and Cell Invasion Levels in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells
Presenter(s):  Dewmini Gamalath, Lena Haddad, Sydney Pong, Dr. Melissa Rowland‐Goldsmith,
Advisor(s):  Dr. Melissa Rowland‐Goldsmith

Rad52 Competes with Ku70/Ku86 in Binding to Switch Region Double‐Strand DNA Break Free Ends in Class Switch DNA Recombination
Presenter(s):  Maheen Kibriya, Dr. Paolo Casali, Connie Tat
Advisor(s):  Dr. Melissa Rowland‐Goldsmith

Identification of Analogs of the Natural Product Curcumin (Diferuloylmethane) with Anti‐
Proliferative and Anti‐Migratory Activity against Prostate Cancer Cells
Presenter(s):  Julie King, Dr. Marco Bisoffi, Kristen Yu
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marco Bisoffi

Targeting the Androgen Receptor in Human Cancer Cells Using Analogs of the Natural Product  Curcumin (Diferuloylmethane)
Presenter(s):  Lijah Vann Gardner, Homa Hayatyfar
Advisor(s):  Dr. Marco Bisoffi

How to Prolong Positive Feelings
Presenter(s):  Roxana Nouri, Julia Boehm, Alexandra Macias
Advisor(s):  Dr. Julia Boehm

Analyzing Effects of PML‐RARa on Gene Expression and Cell Behavior in Cell Line 32DCl3
Presenter(s):  Rohan Shah, Dr. Scott Kogan, Sushma Umesh, Trevor Bentley, Dr. Nidhi Nuwal
Advisor(s):  Dr. Melissa Rowland‐Goldsmith

Effect of Exercise on a Mother’s Postpartum Depression
Presenter(s):  Itzel Anaya
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Do you quit? Resilience in first generation college students.
Presenter(s):  Adriana Ariza, Dr. Connie Shears
Advisor(s):  Dr. Connie Shears

Effects of Cognitive Interventions on the Cognition of Patients Diagnosed With Dementia
Presenter(s):  Kiersten Kelly
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Perception of Emotion in Music Through Physiological Arousal
Presenter(s):  Jay Kim
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Differences in Character Strengths between First Year and Upper Division College Students
Presenter(s):  Madeleine Matheis, Lilian Andrade, Dr. Julia Boehm, Madeleine Matheis
Advisor(s):  Dr. Julia Boehm

Gay Male, Mental Health, Perceived Discrimination, and Emotional Reactivity: A Multiple Mediation Effect
Presenter(s):  Theodore Miller
Advisor(s):  Dr. David Pincus

Post Exposure Prophylaxis: An Important Tool for Comprehensive HIV Prevention Among Men Who Have Sex With Men
Presenter(s):  Theodore Miller, Dr. David Frederick
Advisor(s):  Dr. David Frederick

Communication and Information Technologies and Work‐Life Balance
Presenter(s):  Kamila Petrencik
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Psychological Well‐being Predicts Toddler Cognitive Development
Presenter(s):  Netasha Pizano, Elysia P. Davis, Dr. Laura Glynn, Curt Sandman, Christin Walder
Advisor(s):  Dr. Laura Glynn

Hemisphere Differences: Inferences and Emotional Language
Presenter(s):  Erika Sam, Dr. Connie Shears, Adriana Ariza, Jay Kim, Melissa Bond, Maisy Lam,
Shaun Flax
Advisor(s):  Dr. Connie Shears

Moving Beyond the Keys: Talk Aloud Protocols to Measure What’s on Your Mind
Presenter(s):  Erika Sam, Dr. Connie Shears, Adriana Ariza, Jay Kim, Shaun Flax, Francesco Onorati
Advisor(s):  Dr. Connie Shears

Accommodating Hyperaroused Information Processing in Persons at Risk for Alcoholism
Presenter(s):  Brooke Snelgrove, Kellianne Clark, Taylor Stephens
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Examining Relationships in Children of Divorced Families
Presenter(s):  Samantha Spielfogel
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Cognitive Evaluation of Methods for Providing Evacuation Information
Presenter(s):  Taylor Stephens, Angela Juister
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler, Professor Claudine Jaenichen

Enhanced Maternal Well‐Being Associated with Reduced Risk of Preterm Birth
Presenter(s):  Christin Walder, Dr. Laura Glynn, Netasha Pizano
Advisor(s):  Dr. Laura Glynn

Knowledge Worker Motivation: A Cross Sector Comparison  27
Presenter(s):  Paulette Garcia
Advisor(s):  Dr. Steven Schandler

Wealth, Education, and Obesity Predict Prevalence Rates of Postpartum Depression Across Nations
Presenter(s):  Taylor Delaney, Itzel Anaya, Dr. Jennifer Hahn‐Holbrook, Emily Schlaefer
Advisor(s):  Dr. Jennifer Hahn‐Holbrook