The long anticipated day has finally arrived. Teams has now made breakout rooms available. Like in Zoom, meeting organizers can divide up members in a meeting into smaller private groups to allow for more flexibility in group discussions and other collaborative activities.

What comes with Teams Breakout Rooms?

  • Meeting organizer, similar to the meting host in Zoom, are the only ones who can control the breakout rooms in a meeting.
  • Organizers can create up to 50 rooms during a meeting.
  • Breakout rooms can be started in a meeting or in a channel
  • Organizers can join any breakout room and can move participants and attendees to other rooms if needed.
  • Organizers can recall all meeting participants back to the main meeting at any time.
  • Organizers can access all chat sessions from each breakout room from one centralized view.

For more information about how to use breakout rooms in Teams, please visit Create and manage breakout rooms during class meetings.