Over the past several months, the Rinker IS&T support team has implemented a new Contactless Check-In system.

Picture of an iPad with split screen displaying a QR code on the left and photo of the visitor on the right.

The new receptionist system offers Rinker visitors the ability to check in from their own mobile devices without having to touch the iPad kiosk at the reception desk.




Here is how it works:

Visitors can check in using either a special link or a QR code.

Special Link:

A unique link is provided by a Rinker Staff or Faculty member.

QR Code:

Photo of a phone scanning the QR code on the check-in iPad screen.

Visitors can scan a QR code when they arrive at the reception desk.

First-time guests will scan the QR code on the iPad screen. After submitting their information, visitors will be given their own QR code for future check-ins. The visitor will simply scan their unique QR code at the iPad camera to complete their check-in.


Please see this short Receptionist Video for a quick demonstration of Rinker’s new contactless check-in system.