Cloud services have transformed the way Chapman University creates, disseminates, and stores information over the past several years. IS&T has long recognized the need to continue to adapt to the changing landscape as it pertains of the large number of cloud options at our disposal.   Going forward, IS&T will be recommending Microsoft OneDrive as your cloud storage product. This will enable seamless integration with Office 365 collaboration tools like Teams, offer better security, and save expenses to the University.  

Please note, Dropbox and Google Drive will not go away any time soon and will remain as options. Please note that Dropbox and G Suite for Education unlimited storage to education will be going away.  

Also, for many years, files have been trapped in network drives/file shares. These network drives typically known by their alphabet soup of drive letters (i.e. Z:, X:, etc.) require a VPN connection when working from off campus or at home increasing our security risk. All new file shares are deprecated and recommend storing data in the cloud.  


Over the next six months, IS&T will be reaching out to each department to coordinate and assist with migrating files to OneDrive.  

For more information about: 

Cloud Storage at 


If you have additional questions or interested in migrating your departmental or personal share to cloud-based storage, please contact the IS&T Service Desk.