In response to the increasing number of folks using Wi-Fi, Chapman University Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) has recently made numerous improvements to our wireless network. These improvements include the Anderson parking garage, the Sandhu parking garage, and the outdoor area near the Randall Dining Hall. In addition, the 4th-floor balcony of the Leatherby Library has also been upgraded to provide better connectivity. 

This complements the outdoor Wi-Fi expansion that IS&T completed over the last 2 years and the Wi-Fi service installed in the Anderson parking section underneath Keck Science Center when Keck first opened. In total, 65 new access points were added in locations that were in hard-to-reach areas. 

Moreover, the University’s efforts to improve our wireless network is helping to expand the availability of Wi-Fi Calling where there is a lack of cellular connectivity. IS&T is continuing to expand the campus wireless network with the intention of having Internet connectivity where possible on campus–indoors in buildings, indoors in parking garages, outdoors at ground level, and outdoors on balconies, decks, and stadium seating. 

As part of our efforts to improve the wireless network on campus, IS&T intends to extend Internet connectivity to areas with weak wireless coverage, including parking garages and outdoor spaces that are not easy to cover. Go to to check out the outdoor spaces already covered.


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Chapman University IS&T

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