Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an annual event that promotes awareness and understanding of the importance of digital inclusion and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. It serves as a platform for engaging in conversations and acting on this pressing issue. Despite the growing number of people using digital platforms, significant barriers still hinder the full participation of individuals with disabilities. Navigating websites, learning management systems, applications, documents, and more can often pose challenges for them.

Approximately 20% of the world’s population faces disability challenges, including visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments. GAAD identifies several common digital accessibility failures, such as low-contrast text, missing alt-text, empty hyperlinks, missing form labels, empty buttons, and lack of document language specification. To foster a more inclusive world, it is crucial to raise awareness about the significance of digital accessibility and prioritize education, making it easier for people with disabilities to access and consume digital information.

When undertaking a project, it is essential to thoroughly consider the various aspects to ensure its design caters to the needs of individuals with disabilities. Inclusive approaches play a key role in implementing an accessible strategy. Every one of us can contribute significantly to increasing awareness about digital accessibility. Even small design changes in documents can make a difference and support digital accessibility efforts.

Chapman University’s Information Systems and Technology team (IS&T) provides various resources to support digital accessibility. You can explore the following links to access digital accessibility guides, tools, the Ally Accessibility Tool, and accessibility training:

To learn more about the digital accessibility tools available at Chapman University, please visit our Accessibility page.


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