Chapman students Olivia Snow (senior majoring in political science and peace studies) and Kathleen Doll (sophomore majoring in political science and psychology) presented their research at the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences. Olivia’s paper was entitled, “The Role of Religiosity in the Formation of Foreign Policy Attitudes.” Kathleen presented, “Egalitarianism and Support for Female Candidates in the 2008 United States Presidential Elections.” Dr. Ann Gordon, Department of Political Science, presented, “Public Opinion and Health Care Reform: How Conflicting Values Shaped the Debate and the Law.”

The students were frequently mistaken for doctoral students due to the sophistication of their work and Olivia was even asked if she is a faculty member! At the keynote address, the conference organizers gave a compliment to the students and their mentor, Dr. Ann Gordon, telling a ball room full of faculty from all over the world that Chapman has an amazing program and that the students always impress. This was the fifth year Chapman attended the conference.