Alicia Kozameh reading at the University of Edinburgh.

Author and professor Alicia Kozameh returned from her latest trip to Europe.

In England, at the University of Reading, she gave a keynote speech entitled El rol de la representación, el poder de la necesidad, y los desconcertantes colores de la vida (The Role of Representation, the Power of Necessity, and the Disconcerting Colors of Life) at the international conference Making Hispanic Literatures and presented her newest novel, Bruno regresa descalzo (Bruno Returns Barefoot).

In Scotland, at the University of Edinburgh, professor Kozameh delivered a speech, titled Reading and Dialogue: A Meeting with the Writer, and did a bilingual reading from Steps Under Water, a novel about her experiences as a political prisoner.

In Ireland, at the University of Limerick, she gave a speech about writing in exile, titled Memory, Writing and Exile: A Conversation with Alicia Kozameh, and later did a question and answer session at a Spanish Language, Culture and Society course. That day’s class was dedicated to Steps Under Water, which the students had read beforehand.

In Italy she spoke to the students of the Department of Languages and Foreign Literatures of the Università degli Studi di Milano about literature and commitment (El compromiso de la escritura) as an opening to their first day of class.

We are so proud of Professor Kozameh and her work!