Christine  Curry ’95, sociology, might not get your goat in particular, but she has overseen more than 50 goats, at various points in the life of the Grenada Goat Dairy, which is a sustainable, community-building and educational dairy farm at the Belmont Estate in St. Patrick, Grenada.

The 2017 Schweitzer Award winner talks about her accomplishments almost abstractly – as if she’s narrating the story of someone else having helped found the Grenada Goat Dairy. She’s humble, but don’t discount for a moment that she’s definitely the type of person to sign up for the hard work part of any project.

Woman smiling holding cheese

The Goat Dairy’s project supervisor, Thelma, shows off a sample of the artisan goat cheese made on at the dairy facilities on Grenada.

Curry first went to the tropics of Grenada to help establish and research in a marine science and veterinary program in 2003. But in 2004, the category 5 Hurricane Ivan roared in, its 125 mph winds decimating the already rickety infrastructure that struggled to support the tiny Caribbean Island.

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