The action-thriller film “Peace” – based on the same name novel by Chapman University English Professor Richard Bausch (critically acclaimed New York Times best seller), made its World Premiere at the Austin Film Festival on Saturday, October 26.

The film, based on a true event, stars actors Alexander Ludwig (Hunger Games) and Sam Keeley (Burnt) set in the mountains of Italy at the close of the Second World War. Peace tells the story of four American soldiers, who after they witness a viscous murder of an innocent civilian at the hands of their platoon Sergeant, are sent on a reconnaissance/suicide mission lead by a local partisan, whose indeterminate loyalties add to the terror and confusion that engulfs the Americans as they are hunted by an unseen enemy.

When asked how it feels about having his novel turned into a movie, Professor Baush said, “When first you hear that there’s interest, you think of money, and a widened audience for the book. But then the process takes place, and you get interested in the people who have come together to make it happen on the screen. And you get to know them. New friends. And then the movie is finished, and in this case, as in the case of Gilles Bourdos’s film made from my stories last year, it is something you like and can feel proud of; and you have these new friends,” he said.

Professor Bausch was on a panel discussion after the film screening with Academy Award-winning director Robert Port (Documentary Short Twin Towers), and producers of the film Maury Povich and Connie Chung.

“Lisa (Professor Baush’s wife) and I visited the site where Robert Port was shooting the film, in Northern Canada. I read two versions of the screenplay, and liked them both. But it is all Robert’s, this film. As for the audience, I hope they enjoy it, and are moved by it, and I hope they go out and buy the book, too. It’s a pretty good book,” said Bausch.

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