Emma Floyd ’22, MBA ’24

Meet Emma Floyd! Emma spent her undergraduate career here at Chapman University’s Argyros School and is continuing on to pursue her graduate degree as well. Emma graduated with her undergraduate degree in Business Administration in 2022 with a Marketing emphasis and a minor in Psychology. She’ll graduate with her MBA, specializing in Marketing and Global Business, in 2024! Let’s get to know Emma:

Emma’s Chapman Experience

Chapman has been Emma’s home for the last five years, and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Even in the recent pandemic, I could remain involved, continue my studies, and ultimately graduate,” she says. “I have loved being able to forge friendships, lead organizations, and learn new things here.”

Emma believes that she wouldn’t be who she is today without the support of her campus family and the resources that being a Panther and Panther alumni offer. She says some of the best moments of her life thus far have happened on this campus and she can’t imagine where she’d be without it.

Attending Chapman has given Emma experiences and taught her things that she says she would never have considered before. “I was encouraged by my peers and professors to push myself out of my comfort zone and become involved in classes and clubs that could help expand my horizons,” says Floyd. “Marketing is my specialty, but Chapman gave me the opportunity to learn so many skills outside of this field. I became Bloomberg certified during undergrad and have continued to learn how to operate in the fields of finance and accounting.”

Emma says that the support of her professors helped her to decide to spend a semester abroad with Semester at Sea. Through that journey, she says that she improved her flexibility, global communication, and French language skills.

Some of Emma’s favorite memories while at Chapman include a Delta Sigma Pi retreat to Big Bear Lake in 2022. “We got to stay in an amazing cabin by the lake for the weekend. We played games, went to an amusement park, and just got to know each other better,” she says. “A lot of my closest friends are in my fraternity, and going on a retreat with all of them was so much fun!”

Campus Involvement

“My favorite part of attending the Argyros School of Business and Economics has been the relationships I’ve been able to build with my peers,” says Emma. “As a Freshman, I joined the professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi.”

As a member of Delta Sigma Pi, Emma has had the opportunity to serve in various positions on their executive committee for several years. As a graduate student, Emma is currently involved in the Graduate Business Associate (GBA) and is the VP of Chapman’s Women in Business. During her undergraduate years, she was a member of the honors society Gamma Beta Phi, was VP of Chapman’s Marketing Association, and was a nationally-ranked competitor with DECA.

She says “Becoming involved on campus in various clubs allowed me to experience leadership positions that helped boost my confidence, connect with peers, and learn to manage others.”

Emma and friends tabling for Delta Sigma Pi.

Why Argyros?

When Emma was in high school, she discovered a passion for business that made her want to pursue an MBA. It was this passion that pushed her to look for a school that would support her as both an undergraduate and graduate business student. She says “It was important for me that I could find a school where I could build long-lasting relationships and create a home for myself. I knew that being able to keep my campus family as I transitioned between programs would be invaluable, and it has been.”

Emma is also a self-proclaimed “Disney nerd” and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live so close to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth!’

Work Experience & Career Goals

While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Emma had several job experiences both on- and off-campus. Over several summers, she worked as a Guest Services Manager at a waterpark near her hometown in Colorado. As a junior and senior, Emma worked on-campus as a Peer Advisor for Chapman’s Career and Professional Development Center and was later promoted to Graduate Assistant once she started her MBA.

As a senior, she became an Honors Intern with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s Health Care Fraud and Public Corruption unit for a year. She says that working in these various positions allowed her to see that she wanted to pursue a career that would let her help people and remain a part of the Chapman community. This led her to her current role as an Academic Advisor for Chapman’s School of Communication.

Emma has loved working and going to school at Chapman, so while she continues to work as an Academic Advisor for the university, she hopes to also pursue a Ph.D. in Communication after she has completed her MBA. She hopes to one day become a professor at a university in Norway utilizing this degree. After a few years there, she hopes to come back to her alma mater and be a professor here at Chapman.