Fall 2019 SOC Experience Day!

The School of Communication Experience Day made its first post-COVID debut this November. With booths and current students all around, the SoC Experience Day is known as a fun and informative event for SoC majors and those who may be interested in what the SoC has to offer. The idea for the event came from a group of seniors in 2018. They decided to help plan an event that would introduce new and potential School of Communication students to everything the SoC has to offer in terms of classes, organizations, and opportunities. Senior Strategic and Corporate Communication major, Hannah Anderson, was a part of the team who organized the event this semester. “The goal of SoC Experience Day is to introduce potential majors to the school, and help younger people in the major navigate it,” she said.

Students who attended found themselves in a room where all their questions could be answered; from study abroad booths, to alumni sections, to “ask a senior” sessions, all the mysteries of the School of Communication were on the table. When asked about her experience working the event, Anderson replied, “I think it went well! We had more students than I expected and I had multiple people come up to me and thank me for putting it on since it was super informative.”

Fall 2019 SOC Experience Day

Potential and current students learned about internship opportunities as well. Several students expressed their interest in the internship booth to Anderson, stating they found it helpful to hear what kind of opportunities they could potentially obtain too. Some attendees noted that it was perhaps the most visited booth during the event. Though there are resources like the career center and Handshake that provide students with similar information, having it in one fun place and hearing individual experiences directly from students seemed to make younger students more comfortable asking questions.

To sum up how she felt about the event, Anderson expressed regret at not attending it before she organized it: “When reflecting on the day, it is something I wish I attended as a freshman because attending it would have sped up the [major choosing] decision for me.”

Here are some photos from some of our School of Communication Experience days:

Fall 2021

Spring 2019

Fall 2021