Dear Chapman community, 

Zoom has evolved tremendously over the last year. Please review this blog to learn about Zoom’s essentials. In this blog, we have included features and enhancements that will help you learn how to get set up and get going. We recommend you review the steps below and create practice Zoom meetings to familiarize yourself with the new features. 

Before the Zoom meeting creation:  

During the Zoom meeting creation:

Zoom meeting tips:

  • Utilize Breakout Rooms to allow for group work
  • Use the Annotation Tools to keep your participants engaged
  • Prepare the content you want to share with your participants ahead of time
  • Turn off other applications’ notifications and close applications that have pop-ups on your computer
  • Test your Zoom audio and video settings
  • Create a contingency plan for your online meetings
  • Minimize your data usage to avoid audio and video issues during the meeting
    • Only share your screen when necessary
    • Shut down or limit other high-bandwidth applications on your devices at your location

Zoom Training and Resources:

Zoom Background Images:

For technical help, please contact the Service Desk at 714-997-6600 or 


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