Technology’s rapid emergence and evolution has changed how work is done. We are all expected to have the necessary digital skills to succeed in a modern workplace, which often involves working in hybrid or remote settings. While digital skills are critical, we also need to develop our skills in areas such as artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. Getting a Microsoft certification helps individuals stand out from the crowd. It also validates their skills and knowledge and shows that they’re committed to learning new technologies.

With Microsoft Learn, you can start your learning journey with the latest content created by experts and a wide variety of resources. It allows you to master new skills in a way that fits your needs and budget. You can sign up on the platform and track your progress, share content collections, earn points, and receive personalized recommendations.

1- Sign into Microsoft Learn and create your student profile

Microsoft Learn is the place to start and customize your learning journey with up-to-date content developed by experts and various resources. Master new skills with a comprehensive collection of training options that empower you to learn in a style that fits you best. Sign into Microsoft Learn and create your student profile to track your progress on learning activities, create and share content collections, accrue points and achievements, use free Azure resources, and get personalized recommendations.

2- Determine which certification is right for you and start learning

Microsoft Certifications are based on industry analysis of specific jobs and roles and are continually updated to reflect the latest technologies. They enhance your credibility, giving you the professional advantage of globally recognized, industry-endorsed skills. Earning a Microsoft Certification enables employers and peers to recognize your talent and experience—and can help you build the technical skills you need to succetoday’soday’s fast-paced, digital world.

Microsoft Certifications start with foundational skills and move into the deeper technical skills you will need to perform industry roles. Microsoft Certifications cover technical topics from Azure to AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

3- Verify your student status and claim your free exam

As part of this initiative, Microsoft provides exam vouchers to eligible students so that they can take Fundamentals exams for free. Fundamentals certifications are a great way to start your certification journey. Validate your foundational understanding with mixed concepts and apply what you learn about Microsoft technologies—no area experience required. Fundamentals also give you a springboard into deeper, role-based learning paths and certifications.


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