Staying Safe Online during the pandemic

April 29, 2020 by | Uncategorized

Dear Chapman Students, Faculty and Staff, We would like to commend all of you for how you have been able to support the University and each other during these unprecedented times. Due to social distancing and shelter-in-place recommendations, we all have increased our online activity both on the personal and professional levels. Cybercriminals are capitalizing


COVID-19 Scams on the rise

March 30, 2020 by | Uncategorized

  The Office of Information Security is receiving notifications about new scams and phishing emails that use the Coronavirus pandemic as an “attention-grabber”. Some of the most recent scams and hacks: The ‘Emergency – COVID-19 Informator’ or ‘COVID-19 Inform App’. For this scam, the attackers compromise home routers with weak admin passwords and change the


Coronavirus Map Email Scam

March 12, 2020 by | Uncategorized

IS&T has received several notifications today about the existence of a website (corona-virus-map[.]com) that promises up to date information about the COVID-19 corona virus, but whose real purpose is to infect visitors’ computers with malware. This particular site stole an image from the John Hopkins interactive map and will only compromise unpatched Windows systems. However,


Microsoft Teams Replacing Skype for Business

March 12, 2020 by | Uncategorized

You may have already heard the news – Skype for Business is being retired by Microsoft.  Their new tool, Microsoft Teams, has been built from the ground up and provides a significantly improved experience for chat, meetings, and collaboration.   As an existing Skype for Business user, we’d like you to try using Microsoft Teams for


International Data Privacy Day 2020

January 28, 2020 by | Uncategorized

Data Privacy Day is an international effort held annually on Jan. 28 to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. Data Privacy Day spotlights the value of information and how to “Own Your Privacy”. Privacy and protecting personal information is important to Chapman University. One thing we encourage everyone


Find My Meeting

January 21, 2020 by | Uncategorized

When it comes to scheduling meetings in Outlook, finding common times is probably the most frustrating part. IS&T would like to introduce you to a new tool called Meeting Poll. Meeting Poll is an Outlook 365 add-in that helps you quickly and easily find common times on your calendar that match other attendees’ calendars. How



December 5, 2019 by | Uncategorized

What is MyAnalytics? MyAnalytics is a Microsoft Office 365 application designed to help you gain insight into how and who you spend your time, with the goal of optimizing tasks and making you more efficient. For those who are using MyAnayltics, please be aware that IS&T has turned off the services on all university owned


Browser Update October 31

October 30, 2019 by | Uncategorized

On Friday, October 31st, our web content management system that manages our Chapman website will be updated between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (PST). There will be no downtime during the upgrade process; however, after the update the web content management system will detect if users are running an older browser version. If so, the


New Email Filtering System

September 17, 2019 by | Uncategorized

Recently, the campus has moved its’ email to Office 365. For more information on Office 365, please visit Chapman.edu/Office365. We will also be offering some “Tips & Tricks in Office 365” classes through the Fall (see below). One of the advantages of this platform is that spam mail is now handled right in your mailbox

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