Poetry and the Arts are by nature intertwined: many poems have been written inspired by a famous work of art; works of art have been painted, sculpted or sketched inspired by famous poems; com-posers have created musical pieces based on a poem and poets have been inspired by music.

The International Poetry Reading, 2011 invites the campus community to submit a poem ( in any language other than English) related to the arts by a well-known poet in his/her original language along with the English translation. (the name of the translator of the poem should be included.). 

Please include an image of the work of art or the name of the musical composition/composer which is related to the poem.

Also include a short biography (2-3 sentences, name, birth date, country of origin etc.) of the poet.

Send entries to phodge@chapman.edu AND loustau@chapman.edu BY THE DEADLINE MARCH 18TH.

Faculty in the Dept. of Languages will select poems for presentation in their original language and in English so that a variety of languages are represented at this year’s reading.