Preserving Our Stories: The 150th Anniversary Oral History Issue of Voces Novae: Chapman University Historical Review is now on-line
This year marks the 150th Anniversary of Chapman University, and the students of the Alpha Mu Gamma (Chapman’s chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, The National History Honor Society in Wilkinson College) decided to commemorate this milestone in a special issue of Voces Novae: Chapman University Historical Review with a compilation of oral histories. Students videotaped interviews with some of the notable people from Chapman’s past and present, tracing the University’s rise from a small religious college in northern California to a nationally recognized institution of higher learning located in Orange, California. 
“A Rise to Prominence,” a video put together by the students and the people at Panther Studios, shows the process that students used to construct this project. It not only highlights their experiences with new technology and historical methods, but also demonstrates the benefits of using technology for historical research. The Alpha Mu Gamma chapter previewed it at the 2011 Phi Alpha Theta Southern California Regional Conference, introducing this project to both the Chapman University community and the larger Phi Alpha Theta community. The issue also includes an interactive web-based timeline of Chapman history.
The student historians sought to preserve the memories of those who made the Chapman community what it is today. While these people may come and go from our lives, they live on through the people who continue to benefit from their hard work. Hopefully, in capturing their stories on video, their faces and voices with stay with us and with future generations.