Every year at Commencement, Wilkinson College chooses one alumnus to honor with the distinguished Harmon Wilkinson Award. The award is in honor of Wilkinson’s namesake Harmon Wilkinson. Harmon completed his baccalaureate study in 1935, double majoring in English and history. Over the years, in addition to being a Chapman student, Harmon was an active alumnus, respected trustee, and along with his wife, Nadine, was the recipient of the 2002 Albert Schweitzer Award of Excellence.

We would like to congratulate Executive Director of Heroes and Healthy Families, Kathy McCarrell, as the 2013 recipient of this year’s Harmon Wilkinson Award. Here is a video of Kathy McCarrell talking about Heroes and Healthy Families.

What is Heroes and Healthy Families?
In 2004, Superior Court Judge Pamela Iles met with the officials at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to discuss ways to impact young Marines struggling with PTSD who were appearing in her courtroom. As a result, the Heroes and Healthy Families program was formed. To date his program has served over 12,000 Marines and their families across the United States at eight different military installations. Judge Iles served as a Superior Court Judge and Deputy District Attorney in Orange County for 35 years. She now serves on the Advisory Board for the Heroes and Healthy Families Program.