Headshot of a woman and a man.Just a few hours Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted the 2015 Kugelman Award Ceremony.Students from the departments of Art, English, World Languages & Cultures, Philosophy and Religious Studies were honored with awards

Below is a list of the winners and their awards. Congratulations to everyone acknowledged at the event.

Art Department:

Departmental Honors: Katie Benedikt, Lauren Moritz, Nimah Gobir, Anthony Murphy, Danica Hays, Margo Powell, Kiera Hoefle, Elsie Pertusati, Erik Holtan, Kelly Smith, Jacob Kincaid, Maddie Switzer, Yelina Liepelt, Annie Unruh, Tanya Lueck, Ivy Withrow, Alexis Morgan, Summer Woodward.
Purcell Awards: Jake Kincaid, Margo Pawell, Yelena Liepelt, Elsie Pertusati, Lauren Potts

English Department:

Tom Massey Award for Outstanding Dual Degree Student: Michelle Arch
Terri Brint Joseph Award for Outstanding  MFA Student: Jennifer Howard
Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student: Amanda Styron
Anna Maria Jardini Award for Service and Achievement: Dani Islas and Josh Prichard
Outstanding Literature and Rhetoric Student: Tami Orendain
Outstanding Creative Writing Student: Lizzi Murtough
OC Register Award for Outstanding Journalism Student: Mark Pampanin
Mel Watson Award for Scholarly and Creative Excellence: Sean Reed

World Languages & Cultures:

Outstanding Achievement in a Major: Megan Parish (French), Stephanie Estrada (Spanish), Evan Graham (Spanish)
Outstanding Achievement in a Minor: Nickolas Kaynor (German), Marco Saglimbeni (Italian), Emily Matsunami (Japanese), Andrew Shiroishi (Japanese)

Philosophy Department:

Department Honors: Jaclyn Cutler, Brandon Richardson, Lindsey Garn
William James Award: Alexandria Beatificato, Timothy Seavey

Religious Studies Department:

Outstanding Student Award: Marilyn Love