In celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month, Escalette Director, Fiona Shen, joins Hong Kong-born artist Bovey Lee, to discuss the imagery of migration and the freedom of creative practice.

FS: So much of your imagery is airborne. I’ve noticed paper airplanes, balloons, streamers in the wind and birds, waves, sail boats, and animals and insects dependent on wind for migration. Can you talk more about this?

BL: It’s so interesting you pointed out all these airborne motifs, and they are a collection over many years, but when I look back at my work, I think they basically started after I moved to the US. What is interesting to me is how much I identify myself with this imagery. I mean, I love trees, mountains, things that are planted into the ground, but I relate myself, or my experience, with images that are in flight, that are suspended, that are floating, or constantly moving.

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