The vision of the
National Association of School Psychologists
(NASP) aims to ensure that all “children achieve their best. In school. At home. In life.” The
NASP 2013 Annual Convention
serves to connect school psychology graduate students and professionals by enhancing their knowledge of the most effective practices. Participating at the NASP 2013 Annual Convention was an exciting experience prior to, during, and after the convention. I felt excited as I prepared for my presentations. Moreover, I felt excited as I boarded the plane toward Seattle, Washington. Once I arrived at the convention, my heart felt like it was soaring because there were so many people there that I admire and so many presentations that interested me. As each day neared closer to my presentation dates, a combination of anxiety and excitement soon kicked in. This odd combination can definitely make a person feel very uncomfortable and confused. I know that that was exactly how I felt: uncomfortable and confused. To push through these feelings, I performed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on myself, used relaxation strategies, and analyzed how accurate and helpful my thoughts were. Soon, my worries dissipated and I felt excited to be presenting on culturally appropriate methods for prevention and intervention of depression in Asian American youth, Academic Task Strategies, and contribute to the Diversity Dialogue. Of all my presentations, my favorite was the
Diversity Dialogue


This dialogue allowed me to share with other students my personal journey and growth as a school psychology student. I was able to share the importance of taking an active stance and participating in one’s academic and professional growth. Most importantly, it was in this presentation that I was able to bond with two other presenters who shared my interest in promoting issues regarding diversity and who were motivated to contribute to the field. I was truly amazed at the work that they were doing to enhance the field of school psychology and I felt inspired by their passions. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind about attending the NASP 2014 Annual Convention. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge, building working-relationships with other professionals and students, and, as a result, fulfill NASP’s vision of ensuring that all children achieve in various aspects of their lives.