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In May 2014,
Communication Major
, Jeff Cooper (double
minor in English
) graduated from Chapman University and recently sent Communication Studies Professor, Nicholas Leighton, an email to tell him how he was doing. Check out what he had to say and how Chapman prepared him for his current position.

I am working as a communications intern at Kaiser Permanente (at their Oakland headquarters) and wanted to share a couple of things with you that led me to reminisce on your class at Chapman…

Last week I was asked to help edit a 72 page report that nobody on my team “understood”… When I took a look at it I realized it was a crisis communication plan! We were editing it for Kaiser’s Colorado region, (it was planning for technology and communication failures) and I was the only person on my team, besides an upper level communications specialist, who knew the purpose or understood the content of the document — thanks to your assignment.

I also attended a management-level training workshop in media and presentation skills. Two women who work for Kaiser’s national PR department set up a camera and caught us off guard with impromptu “spokesperson” style questions. When I was done, the woman looked at me and told me I was “unnaturally good” –she was really impressed with me and told me I performed better than the managers and directors that were interviewed after me, again thanks to your good training!

Just wanted to let you know how useful your class has been for me, and I’m loving getting paid to apply skills I learned in school!

Jeff Cooper (’14 Communication Studies; double minor in English and Sociology).

Cooper is currently working on a MS in Health and Strategic Communication.