Last week students were honored at the 2018 Annual Kugelman Arts and Humanities Awards Ceremony. Below is a list of the Wilkinson College winners. Congratulations to everyone.

Art Department

  • Art History Honors
    Madeline Anderson, Jessica Bocinski, Brooke Fessler, McKenna Robbie, Manon Wogahn
  • Purcell Award
    Jessica Bocinski
  • Fine Arts Honors
    Emma Foss, Haley Hopkins, Gi Ling Lo, Kathryn Peck, Alison Pirie, Cooper Richmond
  • Purcell Award
    Haley Hopkins, Alison Pirie
  • Graphic Design Honors
    Kelly Berg, Alexis Bulda, Emily Klammer, Rebecca Rembold, Elissa Title
  • Purcell Award
    Emily Suh, Kenley Tiesmeyer
  • Margo Pawell Award
    Kelly Berg

English Department

  • Mel Watson Award for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
    Kelsey Parrotte
  • Outstanding Creative Writing Student
    Danielle Shorr
  • Outstanding Literature and Rhetoric Student
    Talia Fishbine
  • Marshutz Journalism Award
    Courtney Cummings, Kate Hoover
  • The Paul Frizler Memorial Scholarship
    Morgan Goodfellow
  • Paul Frizler Award for Outstanding MA Student
    Sally Khali

Philosophy Department

  • Departmental Honors
    Alexandra Badie, Conner Carnahan, Grecia Gutierrez, Ryan King, Jerome Martin, Sebastian Militante, Setareh Motamedi, Vanessa Stahel
  • Mike W. Martin Award for Achievement in Philosophy
    Tucker Arrants, Nicholas Piscitelli

Religious Studies Department

  • Outstanding Student in Religious Studies
    Nicole Thompson
  • Departmental Honors
    Benjamin Bond, Nicole Thompson

World Languages and Cultures

  • Outstanding Achievement in a Major
    Leila Duntley (French), Paige Gulley (French), Briana Salatino (Italian), Riani Astuti (Japanese), Jessica Rush (Spanish)
  • Outstanding Achievement in a Minor
    Olivia Skoglund (German)